Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monitors The Possibility of Phobos-Grunt Entering Republic of Indonesia

The National Space and Aviation Agency (Lapan) is closely monitoring the possible location of falling Russian space vehicle Phobos-Grunt, which is estimated to have fallen on Sunday evening or early Monday morning.
The possible atmospheric re-entry spots are the Arafura Sea, Papua, Maluku, Java and Sumatra.
Phobos-Grunt is a probe launched on Nov. 9, 2011, in a sample return mission to Phobos one of Mars’ moons. The probe failed to leave Earth’s orbit.
Lapan researcher Thomas Djamaluddin urged the public on Sunday not to panic because the final trajectory of the atmospheric re-entry could only be determined two hours before impact.
He said the debris of Phobos-Grunt could fall in various sizes, up to several hundreds kilograms in weight, covering an area up to several thousands square-kilometers.
“The probe weighs 13.2 tons, but once it enters the Earth’s atmosphere at 120-kilometers, it will be heated and then burned due to friction by the air,” he told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.
“The remainder will weigh some hundreds of kilograms in various fragments which could reach the earth.”
Thomas said the certainty over whether Indonesia would be included on the final trajectory could only be achieved on Sunday evening.
Lapan, he said, could not monitor the re-entry process as the probe could not be detected using ordinary radar.
“We can only create possible trajectory based on the latest orbital data acquired from the US International Space Surveillance,” Thomas said. (nvn)
source : jakarta post

RI #1 Stopover At Madiun

Saturday morning, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made a stopover at Iswahjudi military airbase in Madiun en route to Jakarta after a four-day working visit to East Java from January 11-14, 2012, airbase spokesman Sutrisno said.

Sutrisno said the president in Madium took his time to review the Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) facility at Iswahjudi airbase.

The Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation system is used by the military for aerial combat training and analysis and to record an aircraft`s in-flight data.

In the company of Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto, East Java Governor Soekarwo, and House member Eddie Baskoro, the president took a close look at the recording of F-16 Fighting Falcon exercise.

"The ACMI facility is expected to improve the professionalism of pilots in an effort to realize zero accident," Sutrisno said, adding that with the ACMI a fighter pilot would be able monitor his the movement of his flight in various formations, both in real time or in recording.

Sutrisno said the ACMI was like a "memory disk" in a sensor devise, placed in one of an aircraft`s wings.

The instrument is also used to monitor the training of F-5/Tiger and Hawk 109/209.

The training of of F-5/Tiger and Hawk 109/209 is also intended to prepare the arrival of new T-50 Golden Eagle and 24 F-16 fighter jets from the United States to replace Hawk MK-53 fighter jets.

President Yudhoyono is scheduled to return to Jakarta on Saturday afternoon.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Parking Area

There's place since 1985 until now had been park for that bike.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Neglected With LION AIR (8 hours Denpasar - Jakarta)

Friday, September 15, 2006 LION AIR have very neglected passengers from Denpasar to Jakarta and Balikpapan. Counting since check in at 14.25 WITA in Ngurah Rai Airport until arrive at Cengkareng Airport 22.35 WIB, I and other passengers were sneaking to wait the handled from LION AIR which unprofessional.

Chronological :

My LION AIR's ticket described JT 8987 Airplane with destination Jakarta, leaving from Ngurah Rai Airport at 15.25 WITA. Hopping can reach Jakarta 1.5 hours later then because i have to attend MTV Movie Awards event at 18.00WIB. In fact, after check in there's found out that passengers had to transit via Surabaya.

But, the making restlessness is delays announcement until 17.00 WITA. Although with unlikely, passengers could not refuse this condition. After had "priority" with givenly Mc Donald to every pessengers, JT 8987 Airplane newly take off at at17.30 WITA.

After few hour, the plane was landing in Surabaya. The pessengers reported to transit division and get schedule of departure to Jakarta at 18.15 WIB with Airplane no. JT 8989.

But same happened do, LION AIR return to make the act twice with flight delay until 21.20 WIB. The condition not only happened to passenger like me with destination Jakarta, but also happened to Balikpapan. From 17.30 of our WIB, neglected and had to wait until 21.20 WIB without any effort from LION AIR party, except a mug of soto in Warung Surabaya.

Disappointed passengers ask responsibility from LION AIR that served by Mr. Tumpal Panjaitan, Senior Manager Lion Air, ID 54020390 of that moment. Mr. Tumpal contact Mr. Andi Burhan (General Manager Service domicile in Jakarta) through cellphone. At that time sigh of all passengers directly phrased to Mr. Burhan without any way out.

After making report and chronological which accepted and sign by Mr. Tumpal Panjaitan witnessed by passengers deputized by Mr. Prasito Adi and IBK Winaya, then the pessengers with flight no. JT 8987 from Denpasar to Jakarta and Balikpapan submit demand to LION AIR that is:

1. Appologize from LION AIR management to passengers with flight no. 8987, on public through national mass media.
2. Compensation to every passengers
3. Contact to every passengers according on the list phone.
4. Confirmation maximum 1 (one) week counted workday (Monday) September 18, 2006.

note : Mr. Tumpal Panjaitan, ID 54020390 recieved the report enclose Copy passengers ID Card and statement LION AIR's passengers from Denpasar-Jakarta and Denpasar-Balikpapan.

For my personal, travelling to Bali this time were really "hell". Since September 13, 2006. I and my 2 friends had holded LION AIR's ticket to Denpasar departured at 18.30 with flight no. JT 010. After check in, there's ticket's problem with my 2 friends that unapplicable because there's not confirmation yet. for a while my ticket was OK. After checking, according travel agency there's no problem with the tickets. Finally with fully debate, we can go up with the plane too.

But the experience "impression" just for the beginning from the "impression" journey with LION AIR. After arrived to waiting room A3 at Soekarno Hatta Airport, we surprised with postponement departure during 1 hour. Maybe LION AIR better change they logoto "OVERDUE HABIT WITH LION IRRIGATE"

Ticket No Handle 99010088777311 and 99010088777322.

source from : media care mailing list

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hit and Run Occurence

Bad occurence had happened to our job friend.
Helmi Dani Iman (Technical Services - Installation Support) Transtv-Jakarta, got accident around Kalimalang when he wanted to get home on Sunday early morning at 02:00 AM, 10 September 2006.

Motorbike which is riding, hit by car who unknown suspect and until now the victim still dying condition at ICU (Mitra Keluarga Bekasi Timur hospital).

If the suspect read this or his/her friends/family ever been told by the suspect and want to persuade and confess with kind responsibility.

If there's no desire, we as whole friends can only say let Allah SWT response.. Amin...

source from : Haryoso (ida krisna show mailing list)

Friday, September 15, 2006

New Feature From Telkomsel ???

Not only had great signal inside the building
Not only had great signal in a small village
Not only had 3G services
Even in the grave??

source from : sipil trisakti mailing list

Adam Air… Caught in photo…

Last few days, i go up with one of big INA airline (there is no need to mention). I got 15E.
At the same time await to take off, i saw the outside. Above right engine there is a hole, i don't know it's for service access or what, opened, with a few cellophane tape around.
"Oh maybe it's during maintenance, i thought".
So, came a technician, and what did he do?
Unbelievable, he closed the hole with a few cellophane tape !!!.
Of course, when the plane was take off, all the cellophane tape released. I do not know the function from that hole and what's the effect for flight if the hole was not closed?
Possibility, they had procedure system to patch cellophane tape every departure airport.

And here is the answer for that hole...........

From: Chris Brady [mailto:chris@]
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 6:17 PM
To: xxxxx (off the record)
Subject: Re: B737-400 - Do you know what this hole/section made for?


The hatch is an inspection panel for part of the engine and should be secured with 4 catches, to use tape is very poor practice. There is actually no problem to the aircraft to fly without the panel, it is just streamlining and reduces drag. The danger would be when it came off, it could fly back and hit the tail doing some further damage.
If this aircraft was operated by Adam Air there are already some serious concerns about their safety practices. You should pass these photographs onto the Indonesian DGAC for them to investigate. Also you may like to put them on this link

Best regards

Chris Brady
The Boeing 737 Technical Guide
Captain B737-3/4/5/700

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From: (xxxxxxxx)


Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 11:07 AM

Subject: B737-400 - Do you know what this hole/section made for?

Dear Sir,

I flew with one of Indonesian airline. And when i saw to right engine through a window, I saw a strange hole on the top of the engine. Do you know what this hole/section made for? I don't understand, why they didn't close the hole/hatch but only used some bloody tapes and all the tapes lost during take off? Is it safe?
Thanks for your future reply

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